Second visit - Albion House

With a little more time on our hands for this, our second visit, and another glorius sun-bathed morning to bring the rooms to life, we've produced images as close to what you'd see with your own eyes as possible. And yes, the building is really that rich in tones and colour.

MSL HAR Final 039The vista looking over Ramsgate from the roof of the hotel

You'll see from the latest images how much detail has been uncovered, but we asked Ben from My Seaside Luxury (the developers and guardians of this building) to explain what's happened over the last few weeks; 

"The remaining steels were removed just last week, unbelievably that's over 15 tonnes that's now been removed! The work was heavy and incredibly time consuming but it has revealed the original, beautiful, skeleton of the building.

Work on structural openings has commenced which reveal the building and it's myriad of separate, concealed spaces, which as a whole are beginning to define the layout of the buidling. 

Fireplaces are being investigated and we're looking at which chimneys can be cleaned and re-used for our grand plan of have four fireplaces on the ground floor alone. 

But the big development we've been working on is the restaurant offering. Not being restaurateurs (or established hoteliers!) we were nervous about running a restuarant. However, we were lucky enough to have a meeting with Nick Jones CEO of Soho House UK Ltd who told us that if he couldn't get a steak and chips when he arrived he wouldn't come to the hotel. That decided it for us. An immense privilege to meet him and get lots of expert advice. Since then we have been considering the development of the kitchen, the restaurant, who we will bring in and what the menu will look like."

The steels that Ben refers to were massive and their removal (as well as losing the interior walls) has opened up the building especially the ceilings as you'll see in the image below.

MSL HAR Final 022Look up! The stripped ceiling of one of the first floor bedrooms.

Finally, we ventured into the basement and thanks to some layering and the trusty iPhone flashlight you can see the shells of what will be some great facilities. Personally, I'm first in for the treatment room. 

You can really get a sense of the excitement around this development, that it is going to be bringing something totally unique to Ramsgate. If you'd like to be kept informed on the progress of the build you can sign up to receive email notifications on this page.

Enjoy the images.

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For more information on Albion House contact Ben or Emma on 01869 251 236 or email

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