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 The rain could not stop us! Yup, that's right, it rained. Heavily. 

Preston Steam Rally 2014 016

But, for a few hours we thought we had managed to avoid the expected drenching, instead basked in the intermittent sunshine and marvelled at the not-so-long queues for the pasty counter this year. Whilst the super cells formed above our heads (ok, I'm exaggeraing a little..) we had enough time to watch the procession of steam engines, big and small, lead into the area and parade around wafting the sweet smell of burning coal and steam. If you want to skip to a few more images in the gallery, CLICK HERE.

Preston Steam Rally 2014 028 Preston Steam Rally 2014 034

These engines really are a window into times gone by and if you're mechanically minded, or not, they are really something special to look at and watch. Despite their heavy metal builds they have a fluidity about them that's quite soothing. 

Preston Steam Rally 2014 039

Not only that but that good old Peregrine Falcon that comes out each year with the trendy S&M mask on flew above our heads temping us to throw the young lad waking out little baby girl, up into the air to see if he'd work as bait. Unforunately not. This amazing animal (the bird, not the boy) is pushing 19-years old and, without getting all David Attenborough, what an amazing animal it is. Clocked at over 200mph at it's fastest. Yet again this year, we tried desperatley to catch a shot in focus. Out of about 50, we managed two, not a bad hit rate ;)

Preston Steam Rally 2014 041 Preston Steam Rally 2014 042

Sticking with the animals theme, out came the spaniels and labs to perform the; sit, stop, go, fetch, lay down, misbehave, pooh and wee a bit, look gorgeous, find stuff and generally entertain. If you're thinking about getting a Springer, go and watch these guys first to get an idea if the energy levels!

Preston Steam Rally 2014 014 Preston Steam Rally 2014 011

So here's a link to a bigger selection of photographs from the day - CLICK HERE TO VIEW - including a couple of our friends at Lisa's Pantry who make the only cake we'll eat with our coffee. If you would like to use any of the images in the gallery, please contact us for the non-watermarked pictures. We'll leave you with the last shot of the day, "sooomewhere over the rainbow..."

Preston Steam Rally 2014 047

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8 Jul 2014