The FAQs you should be asking...

Why do I need a professional wedding photographer?

Why do you need a mechanic to fix your car or a plumber to fix your burst pipe? The answer should be the same, for a professional job you need to engage a professional to do the work. Being a wedding photographer is much more than just completing a 'job' though. We manage our time, your time, work with children and animals, organise large groups of people, hold up traffic and during all of this capture your amazing moments knowing there is no second chance. Still wondering?

What is a ‘pre-wedding’ shoot?

Your ‘pre-wedding’ shoot is a fun, relaxed and informal photo session at a location of your choice, 6-8 weeks before your wedding. It gives us a chance to get to know you, and you us. By the time we have finished, you’ll be looking forward to getting back in front of our lenses on your wedding day, no matter how camera shy you think you are!

How would you describe your style?
Photojournalistic with a bold creative edge. You might hear this also referred to as 'reportage' but in essence it is an unobtrusive style and technique that focuses on capturing people at their most natural. The 'creative' element typically comes more to the fore in portrait images where we'll have more time to work with you and create, rather than capture. If you like our compositions but are looking for a specific processing style, such as desaturated (popular with vintage) speak to us to see what we can do for you.

Are the images on your site typical of your photography style?
Be sure to look for consistency and if possible ask to see a sample album. The design and layout of your wedding photographs is a skill in itself and many a great set of pictures are spoilt by poor layouts. We design all our albums in a style that suits each wedding.

We have some ideas, can you incorporate these?
Absolutely! We'll discuss all your ideas during our meeting and ongoing conversations before your wedding and advise on what can be done and created for you. 

We're going to have a list of group shots, will that be ok?
Of course. Our only advice to couples is that almost without exception the group shots take longer than you'll expect so we always advise thinking carefully about which shots really are 'must haves'.

If it rains, what will happen with the photos?
Any wedding photographer you ask should have a plan B which doesn't just involve going into a small dark room somewhere indoors. Remember, you are the focus of your photos not the weather. The rain brings it's own unique set of accessories that we can work with to take the most creative images for you.

Do you have insurance?
Yes, we have full public liability insurance.

Will you want feeding?
We come prepared with supplies but if we are shooting past the wedding breakfast, yes please. We will typically eat with the service staff / band etc.

Do we get copyright of all the images?
The images we supply you on CD / DVD are all available for you to print for your personal use. For the best quality prints, ask us about our prices. Copyright remains with us as the photographer. You'll have your own private wedding gallery which you will be able to share with friends and family.

How long until we can see our images?
We endeavour to turn around all weddings within 4-weeks, but on occasion it can run to 6-weeks at peak times. Typically for every hour we spend shooting we spend three hours processing.

How long does a wedding album take?
Once you have advised us of your choice of album images, we require 6-weeks for design, print and supply, depending on the time of year.

We want you, how can we book you?
If we’ve not yet spoken to you, please contact us to arrange a pre-wedding consultation where we can discuss the best options for you and complete a booking form.

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