The Learning Centre - Basic Module

The Basic module is designed for those who have a working, but basic, knowledge of photography and cameras. You've taken some good shots before, you're not sure what makes them good though. You're here to improve your final images and to understand how you got there. Topics covered include;

Shutter Speed
White Balance
Types of Photography 

There are 20 topics in this module each with it's own set of tasks and suggested projects. You can either purchase the module as a whole or buy-per-topic. Each module purchase comes with Skype support and, once a month, we will hold module/topic-specific workshops to enable you to share your progress with others and ask the expert. Click more to enter the Basic Module.



The Learning Centre - Starter Module

The Starter module consists of xx topics covering xxxx to xxxx and is aimed at those who have, literally, never picked up a camera before. Topics covered include;

How a camera works
Types of cameras
Which camera is right for you
Idiots guide to the history of photography
Where to start

The Starter module is complimentary, all we ask is for a little information about you. Please click more to tell us about you and then you'll be able to see the topics.


The Learning Centre

Welcome to the maxhector photography learning centre. This is a new section and is currently under development. 

The Learning Centre is an online only resource and tool for the complete novice through to the semi-pro and those looking to start their own photography business. Not only for photographers, we will also be offering advice and training for companies seeking to undertake their own photography.

If you would like to be kept up-to-date on our progress and for announcements, click more to complete our short contact form.