The Learning Centre - Basic Module

Each topic in each module is structured in the same manner so that no matter what level you are at, you will recognise our learning structure and the process by which you can best take on information. Each topic includes:

  • A learning objective

  • Equipment needed

  • Glossary of terms used

  • Written and video tutorials

  • Learning tasks and projects

  • Image examples

  • References and links

  • Upload section - for us to review your progress and offer further tips and advice

  • A summary of what you can now achieve! 

Starting a new project or taking on new skills is an exciting proposition and you might be tempted to dive in and get started! BUT, take your time and make time. Give yourself a chance to take things on board, re-read, re-shoot and don't hurry to master everything. The Basics is the most essential module in the Learning Centre, if you don't master the Basics everything else will be three times as hard, or impossible.

The topics for the Basic module are below. Just click on the topic required and you're ready to go.

  • Composition

  • Rule of thirds

  • Aperture

  • Shutter speed

  • Histograms

  • White balance

  • ISO

  • Flash

  • Camera modes

  • Equipment

  • Megapixels and resolution

  • Software

  • Movement

  • Photography through the ages

  • Important figures

  • Critique

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5 Mar 2012